“ In your opinion, what makes Amaris stand out from other companies? ”

Jeremy D. asked a question in topic Career Choices
to Julie M. Senior Manager, Amaris

Senior Manager, Amaris

Hello Jeremy,
Thanks for your question, it is indeed an important one. After having the chance to work with two companies before Amaris, there are three aspects to me that stand out the most: Evolution, International mobility and Empowerment.

1. Evolution
As a consultant or as a manager, Amaris brings a tailored career path to the evolution of its talents. As the communication within the company is quite horizontal, you can get exposed to a lot of new roles and perhaps decide to orient your career path according to the Amaris internal network. It is exactly what happened to me deciding to change my consultant role to a manager position, thus embracing a new intrapreneurial challenge.
Another difference happened when as a manager, you are given riveting responsibilities, such as being the main contact with customers, being an ambassador for the company and developing your own business unit.

2. International mobility
I have not seen a company before that has such an openness to international mobility. Being asked during your interview: ?Where would you like to be located?? definitely sets the ladder high.
As a consultant, I wanted to use the opportunity of projects to be able to see different location in North America, either in cities or smaller towns. I really liked the idea of taking my suitcase and starting this adventure.
When I switched as a manager, I had a more specific location in mind: London. It is great to see that my will to move countries was seen by Amaris as an opportunity to develop further activities in the UK. The process went smoothly and within two months of starting de discussion I got the ?Go? for this change.

3. Empowerment
Since I joined Amaris 2 years ago, I have always felt that I could have a big impact on the development of the team and eventually the company. In any role at Amaris, you are an ambassador of the company and its values.
It is also incredible to be told that the story of your department is in your hands. One big factor is to have bilateral trust with your direct manager and that this empowerment, trust and independence is promoted throughout the whole company.

Finally, I believe I wouldn?t be where I am at right now without those three key aspects of Amaris. When I look back at the last year and a half and how rewarding it was, I can only wonder what Amaris holds next for me.


What are the conditions to join your company ? I am an electronics engineer with experience in the mobile network. Thank you.

Senior Manager, Amaris

Hello Berkat,

We have many open positions for electronic engineers. I strongly advice to have a look at the offers on our website and to select the location of interest as well: amaris.com/amaris-careers-page 
Thus, you can either drop your resume in our job offer web page and our recruitment team will be able to find a match in our opportunities, or you can apply directly to an offer.

In terms of the conditions to join the company, here is a non-exhaustive list of the aspects that are important:
- Your profile corresponds to an opportunity we have.
- You can work in the location of the offer, either in terms of visa or personal interest.
- You go through the interview process where different factors are assessed: Value of Amaris, personality, fit with the opportunity, etc.

The advantage of our recruitment process is that we have a worldwide view on our activities and whether you want to be located specifically in one city/country or are open to many destinations we will take it into account.

Hope it helps!

Anon user (#237966)

I'm a graduate in English. Are there any chances to work with Amaris?

Senior Manager, Amaris

Yes indeed!
Do you know what kind of role you are looking for?

Sebastián V.

Hello Julie, today an Amaris recruitment member called me and the point #2 you described about the International mobility was very interesting for me, I'm an electronic engineer and currently working in Engie (they have a lot of international background like Amaris), I hope to know more about Amaris soon :)

Senior Manager, Amaris

Hello Sebastian,

That's good to know! Don't hesitate to mention the locations that interest you the most during the interview. The person you will meet will then be able to see what are the open opportunities in the group.

Have a nice interview!

Anon user (#266653)

Hello julie, Amaris recruitment member called me and by the 6th of February I will have an Interview, what can you recommend for me?

Digital Marketing Project Manager, Amaris

Hello dear visitor,
Thank you for your application.
Here is some advice that Julie previously gave on the platform:

Tips to ace your interview => amaris.career-inspiration.com/app/discus… 

About the 1st interview at Amaris => amaris.career-inspiration.com/app/discus… 

I remain at your disposal for any further information.

Wish you the best for your career,
Best Regards,


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