“ What is an example of a project in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals and new high technologies? ”

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Hello Jesus,

Thanks for your question. We have a broad range of projects in biotechnology and life sciences that goes from regulatory affairs, to pharmaco-vigilance, quality control, equipment validation, health economics & market access.

For example, as a consultant, you could be located to the customers site to help design and model a medical device, or actually working on the optimisation of their manufacturing processes and supply chain.

For certain offers, like health economics and market access, where the medical and economic assessments of a product are developed to launch the reimbursement process, you would be located in one of the Amaris office to develop the solutions.

In any case, Amaris has a broad offer and plenty of opportunities. In which area are you interested or experienced?

Best regards

Experienced Life Science Consultant, Amaris

Hello Jesus,

Let me explain a project that I did during one and a half year in Belgium. The project is called: "Development of a High-Throughput Platform for Vaccines and Drug Discovery".

An international pharmaceutical company that is developing and producing vaccines has worked with me to develop a High-Throughput Screening Platform in the Research & Development department. This platform aims to produce and analyze an essential amount of samples at the same time, improving the quality of the research and development overall. I implemented a whole process, from the types of equipment in the laboratory to the data handling and sample storage.

The primary goal of this project was to bring the laboratory’s equipment up to date, to maintain efficiency and competitiveness. A process has been designed around this goal to allow every key player (technicians, scientists, statisticians..) to bring quality into research & development, from the design of experiment to data analysis. The second goal was to use all these types of equipment to do some research on new possible vaccines.

• Renew the analytical equipment of the laboratory.
• Automate routine tests on Liquid Handler System Robots.
• Design of Experiment on the research project.
• Implement tools for data and sample management.
• Train the department to the new processes and refresh technical skills.
• Performance of technological surveillance and technical database.

Following the project, the department got 18 new pieces of equipment for a total of more than 2 million USD, allowing to analyze hundreds of samples at the same time. The targeted key players have been trained to use these pieces of equipment. Routine tests, such as SDS-Page formulation, LAL test, Lowry protein assay, Adeno-Hexon identification, Orcinol dosage, Picogreen, BCA/µBCA, microplate transfer have been developed on robots to save time and avoid human error. Tools have been designed to handle a lot amount of data, such as a statistical tool for the design of the experiment and data analysis. Besides, a storage management software has been implemented for all the samples and raw materials, and more than 3 000 products have been labelled, allowing perfect tracking and quality. A technological database with more than a hundred new technologies has been implemented and communicated to bring synergies between various departments. Several partnerships have been made with suppliers to keep our technological knowledge up to date. Finally, two milestones have been reached on two vaccines on the research portfolio.

If you want more information and want me to detail another type of project, feel free to ask.



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