“ What do you mean by the sentence "Etre un véritable intrapreneur en lançant « from scratch » votre activité"? ”

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I would like to understand what type of activity we need to perform in this role of manager? Is it a project that a client ask or something else?
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Thanks for your questions!
To start, first, with the type of activities that a manager has to perform, the first thing to understand is that you will act as an “intrapreneur” to develop your activities. Which means building your own business within Amaris. It includes conducting the business development to expand your network of potential clients and finding solutions to support them. Then it includes building your consulting team through recruitment and monitoring the financial performance of your activities.

Then regarding the type of projects, it starts with knowing your client's environment and challenges. Your business will come from a customer's need, and you will find the solution, either by finding a great consultant to support its team or to develop a turnkey solution.

For the sentence "Etre un véritable intrapreneur en lançant « from scratch » votre activité", it means that you are in charge of developing your business unit within Amaris and to lead it successfully. From scratch refers to building your customer's and candidate's network to be able to launch your activities. You will be coached by a senior manager through this process and will gain autonomy, as well as independence. Then, the sky is the limit for the development of your activities.

Hope it answers your questions!
Best regards

Maryll A.

Hello Julie,
The "Business Unit Manager" role is listed as a "Junior", but it seems to be quite an empowering position ! I have now 2 years of experience in strategy consulting, is that enough to apply for this position ?
Thank you for your answer.

Senior Manager, Amaris

Hello Maryll,

Yes of course! I am sure your experience will be relevant. You are right, you will have many responsibilities with this role and definitely be empowered.

Once you apply, the recruitment team will get in touch with you and will be able to answer your questions, as well as to plan the next steps.

All the best,

Simon K.

Hello Julie,
Thanks for your explanations about the position. It remains unclear whether you need to develop your own idea within Amaris or if Amaris gives you a project to conduct from scratch? is it a kind of start-up incubator?
Have you go open positions in Lausanne or Geneva?
Thank you for your answer.

Senior Manager, Technology And Digital Practice, Amaris

Hi Simon,

In the role of manager, your job is to manage a business unit of the company. This includes the P&L, the hiring of skilled consultants to perform projects for you, and prospecting potential clients. In a more established office, you will likely start in a broader business line - IS&Digital, Science&Technology, or Business&Strategy. Then, you will likely focus on a specific sector - such as automotive, blockchain, etc. You will eventually grow to become the business lead for that sector.

Ex. you start at Amaris in the Automotive sector in Science&Technology. Let's say we currently don't have any clients or consultants in this field. Your goal will be to understand the market needs of OEMs and Tier 1/2 Suppliers and help create solutions 'from scratch' in order to fill these needs. To create the solutions, you will need to hire people! Eventually, you will be leading a team of 10, 20, 30 people in order to create larger and more strategic solutions for your customers. But of course you also need to make money, which is why there is financial and business strategy needed for this role.

Hope this helped.


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