“ Hello Julie, I've seen you talk about Amaris spirit. Could you describe that spirit, please? ”

Andrés S. asked a question in topic Life at the Company
to Julie M. Senior Manager, Amaris

Senior Manager, Amaris

Hello Andrés,

Thanks for your question, it’s indeed a very important aspect when it comes to choosing a new opportunity.

As a consultant, I really enjoyed the duality of having two teams, either the team where my project was located and with which I was working every day. Then I knew I was also part of a bigger community with Amaris. I took the opportunity to assist to the team building events, going to the office in Toronto and Montreal whenever possible and contributing to initiatives. Being surrounded by people with different expertise acts as a catalyst to share knowledge. I was also able to get further advices and trainings by fellow colleagues. My manager and directors had a big part to play in that, by creating those moments and bringing the teams together.

Then, switching to the manager’s side, you become the main actor into enabling your consultants to feel the same way and part of the bigger community of Amaris. This is a very fulfilling responsibility. We also can easily connect with the other offices throughout the group to seek support or knowledge, as well as to organise global contest and raise awareness for projects through the Amaris foundation campaign.

I believe the most important point is to understand that the spirit and the atmosphere is generated by the team of which you are part of, as much as you. Meaning that when you join a team, you thus contribute to the spirit and have a considerable impact on how you will be able to attract new talents like yourself.

Hope it helps!
Best regards


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