“ Hello Julie, I am interested in your experience with Amaris: for example, life style, why Amaris? ”

Alain B. asked a question in topic General
to Julie M. Senior Manager, Amaris

Senior Manager, Amaris

Hello Alain,

Thank you for your questions, the best way to answer them will be to cover them separately.

Experience with Amaris:
For this first question, the best answer I can give is linked to my profile, where I describe how I joined Amaris, what made my change from consultant to manager, in addition to my current role. amaris.career-inspiration.com/app/profil… 

Life style:
This question can have several answers. When it comes to your personal lifestyle and work-life balance, they depend on you. By joining as a manager, balancing work and your personal life requires a bigger adaptation at the beginning.
Regarding the life style at the office, I find it great that international mobility is available at Amaris. It?s also the reason why I was able to move from Toronto to London. Then, regarding the atmosphere and spirit in the office, it also has a big part to play. This article resumes it well: amaris.career-inspiration.com/app/discus… 

Why Amaris:
Personally, I first chose Amaris for the values, the positive feedback I got from people I knew working in the company and the diversity of projects that I would be able to work on. I also wanted to work in other cities in North America, hence why I was much looking forward to have my first project in Toronto.
Then, on a broader perspective, I would refer to this pathmotion question as to how Amaris stands out from the other companies: amaris.career-inspiration.com/app/discus… 

Hope it helps!
Best regards


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