“ Hi Mrs Julie M., What do you like best about working for this company? ”

Rosa S. asked a question in topic Life at the Company
to Julie M. Senior Manager, Amaris

About your personal experience and about the culture of Amaris
Senior Manager, Amaris

Hello Rosa,

Thanks for your question, I would say what I like the most working at Amaris are: Evolution, International mobility and Empowerment and company culture.

1. Evolution
As a consultant or as a manager, Amaris brings a tailored career path to the evolution of its talents. As the communication within the company is quite horizontal, you can get exposed to a lot of new roles and perhaps decide to orient your career path according to the Amaris internal network. It is exactly what happened to me deciding to change my consultant role to a manager position, thus embracing a new intrapreneurial challenge.
Another difference happened when as a manager, you are given riveting responsibilities, such as being the main contact with customers, being an ambassador for the company and developing your own business unit.

2. International mobility
I have not seen a company before that has such an openness to international mobility. Being asked during your interview: ?Where would you like to be located?? definitely sets the ladder high.
As a consultant, I wanted to use the opportunity of projects to be able to see different location in North America, either in cities or smaller towns. I really liked the idea of taking my suitcase and starting this adventure.
When I switched as a manager, I had a more specific location in mind: London. It is great to see that my will to move countries was seen by Amaris as an opportunity to develop further activities in the UK. The process went smoothly and within two months of starting de discussion I got the ?Go? for this change.

3. Empowerment
Since I joined Amaris 2 years ago, I have always felt that I could have a big impact on the development of the team and eventually the company. In any role at Amaris, you are an ambassador of the company and its values.
It is also incredible to be told that the story of your department is in your hands. One big factor is to have bilateral trust with your direct manager and that this empowerment, trust and independence is promoted throughout the whole company.

Company culture:
The last but not the least, the company culture has a great impact on my daily appreciation of the work. I would recommend having a look at my response on the team spirit: amaris.career-inspiration.com/app/discus… 

I hope it gives you more insight about what I like the most about working for Amaris. There is indeed plenty more daily things I enjoyed and those sum up the big picture.


Rosa S.

Thank you Julie M. You answer is very clear and helpful for me, above all to understand more about how employers could feel within the team.


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