“ For the first Skype interview, what advice can you give on what to expect and what to prepare? ”

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to Eric V. Experienced Life Science Consultant, Amaris

Experienced Life Science Consultant, Amaris


From Amaris part, the first interview is to know who you are, what you want to do in the future. From your part, the first interview is to learn about our company, its values and our working environment. Feel free to ask as many questions as you want.

First of all, rehearse your presentation and be ready to pitch yourself, your experiences and your education in a few minutes. Also, do some research about Amaris and the consulting in general. You have to know a bit about what we are doing.
Also, be ready to talk in English. Amaris is an international company and you need to be able to communicate easily, orally or in writing.

Last but not least, it seems like a detail but check your skype and your internet connection before the interview.

Feel free to contact me if you have more questions.
Good luck for your recruiting process!

Senior Talent Acquisiton Specialist, Amaris Group

Hi, Thanks for submitting your question!

For a first interview at Amaris we will keep it simple. The interviewer will go over your understanding of our business and the role you are applying for.
Reading our website, online articles, videos and aligning with our business goals, values, and structure is expected from our candidates.

The interviewer will then fill in the gaps and make sure you have a good overview of Amaris Group. A brief and clear presentation of your experiences and visualizing yourself at Amaris will be the next step. Highlight your accomplishments, success and challenging stories in previous roles, motivation for career move, and professional goals will wrap up a general first interview at Amaris.

We hope this information is useful.


Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist, Amaris

Hi, thanks for your question !

I always compare the first interview to a first rendez-vous :) You want to give the best image of yourself, while understanding if you are going to be interested in the person. It is exactly the same for an interview !

My advice would be :

- LOOK GOOD ! For a rendez-vous, you always want to be well dressed to give a good impression. Same for an interview, don't forget to look good and professional, even if it is by Skype.

- BE ON TIME ! You wouldn't like to be late for a first rendez-vous, making the person wait. Therefore you are checking on Google Maps where to go and how to be on time. Same for a Skype interview, check before you have confirmed your presence with all the documents and info, checked your internet connection, your Skype works, etc.

- HAVE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE ! Would you like to spend one hour with someone who gives one word as an answer or not smiling or showing any dynamism ? Same for the Skype interview, you want have a good connection with the recruiter so he/she wants to know more about you and create a connexion.

- GIVE A CLEAR IMAGE OF YOURSELF ! During a rendez-vous, you like knowing where the person comes from, what kind of job he/she is doing, what kind of passion he/she has, etc. Just so you know more or less if you have common background/interest. Same for an interview : the idea is to give an overview of your educational background, your different experiences, what you like about your job or what motivates you so the interviewer can see if it fits with Amaris and the projects we have.

- SHOW INTEREST AND CURIOSITY ! Would you like that for a rendez-vous, the person you are meeting is only talking about her/himself and not asking a single question to you ? Same for the interview, the recruiter needs to see if you are curious and trying to understand Amaris - and in a sense, picturing yourself or not with the company.
It is also a way for you to inverse the interview process and take the lead by asking questions and making your own opinion about the company.

- THINK ABOUT THE NEXT STEPS ! When you finish a rendez-vous, you always understand how to wrap it up : suggesting to see each other a next time ? Trying to find a way to never see this person again ? Just saying to keep in touch, wait and see ? Same for an interview, always think about what you would like next after this interview and then ask the recruiter the appropriate question or have the appropriate attitude. You are totally entitled to ask for an immediate feedback because you really like the conversation, as you can choose not to ask any further question because you don't want to go further with Amaris.

Not everybody can fit with everybody, and it's not always because the person you are meeting is not interested in you. At the end, maybe you are not that interested in the person either.
If it's a match, it's because you gave the first good impression but mainly because you both have common interest and personalities that fit. Same for an interview, between candidates and recruiters. You are a profile that fits with the company's value and vice versa ;)

Good luck !



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