“ What should be the skills to apply for a Junior Data Scientist position? ”

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I am a Junior Data Scientist by profession with a background in Physics and Mathematics. I wish to receive an opportunity to prove my motivation and skills to be part of Amaris.
Digital Marketing Project Manager, Amaris

Hello Abhishek,
Thank you for your interest in our company.

I've redirected your question to Yann C., our unique data scientist on the platform. I'm sure he'll have great tips to help you succeed.

Wish you the best for your career,
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AI Research Engineer & Data Scientist, Amaris Lab
AI Research Engineer & Data Scientist, Amaris Lab

Hello Abhishek,

Here is my advice:

As a junior Data Scientist, you might first want to have a good knowledge of manifold Machine Learning models (e.g. Decision Trees, Support Vector Machines, Convolutional or Recurrent Neural Networks, K-Means, etc.) and to know how and in which context to use them. You need to know how they work, dive into the math, so you will be able to argue your solutions choices and converge faster to the best results. Value your background in that perceptive. Also, knowledge in statistics is of great value in that field.

Gain as much experience as you can for example by participating in competitions on Kaggle or implementing your own projects and push it on your GitHub account so a potential employer can have a look. Show that you are efficient at solving a Data Science problem and that you are used to the tools (TensorFlow, Keras, Scikit-learn, pandas, numpy, etc.).

Get updated to scientific news (e.g. MIT technology review, KDNuggets, Medium towards Data Science, etc.) so to have a good culture and feed your curiosity in that field.

During a mission, you might also have to dialogue with the client to better understand the given problem, propose solutions, think about solutions industrialization. Good communications skills and knowledge/experience of Machine Learning algorithms industrialization will be of great value.

Finally, make sure you are able to demonstrate your skills with consistency in front of a job interviewer.

As a worldwide fast growing group, Amaris will surely offer more and more Data Scientists positions opportunities in various sectors so please check our job opportunities on Amaris website.

I hope that this will help you in your process and that you get the best fulfilling opportunities!

Best regards,


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