Elea L.
HR Development Officer & HR Officer

About Elea

Key Experiences

From a small french village to a worldwide environment
I started working part-time for my university when I was in my first year of studies there. This is when I first discovered Human Resources, as I was working in the "internship and job service" department in the university. At the end of this experience I chose to develop this further by finding an Internship in recruitment. It was interesting but I was already more attracted to my colleague's job. She was helping people to change their Career Path through "Validation of Acquired Experience". Then, I travelled to Mexico for my Gap year where I had the opportunity to complete a 1 year internship in CSR. I really liked supporting the company employees in different aspects of their job !
So, I discovered several aspects of Human Relations, which helped me decide on my last experience during university : Employer branding. I had the opportunity to work for Generali, an insurance company in the first year of experimenting with a new employer branding strategy. It was really nice, I also had to organise an important event to attract new talent in a sport environment. This 1 year apprenticeship helped me to improve my knowledge in terms of how large international groups work, and of course I was still supporting employees in a few other areas such as disability, equal opportunity topics etc.
I finally joined the Amaris Group after finishing university, when they offered me the opportunity to continue in these topics. As HR Development Officer & HR Officer, I have a strategic and operational view, which helps me to understand current problematics even more as well as support employees in their professional growth.

Current Position

I give visibility to employees regarding their career evolution
Amaris is growing fast, new jobs are constantly being created, some already exist but employees do not always have visibility of all existing jobs within the company. So the first step for us is to describe in full all the current functions and maintain a coherent organization chart, that can be adapted to changes.
So on a daily basis I am in contact with different Managers to support them and build Career Paths into their Departments alongside them. Competencies are also part of the descriptions and it's essential for them to consider the expected skills and spot the ones related to employees. In this way, by analyzing the gap, we can take action and support our employees with different solutions, training being among them. So, as you might guess, annual appraisal will allow us to take this information into consideration and support employees in their professional trajectory. All these actions are linked to HR Development.

Main Motivations

I know about the Group organisation more than I could have imagined
What I like in this position is having a permanent overview on the whole organisation. In this way, I can reply to a lot of questions, have an even better understanding of the strategy and be aware of future changes. Also, I like being in contact with several people from different Departments and in all levels within the organisation hierarchy. Supporting them, providing explanations or guiding them regarding their career orientation or group policies / processes and practices. Furthermore, I am here to gather feedback and detect the needs within the company regarding global department evolution and regarding the applications we use, in order to improve them.

Top Advice

If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you. Aim high, slowly.
People can be afraid to take risks, fail or of anything beyond their comfort zone. Nobody likes making mistakes, being wrong or not being brave enough to achieve something. Nevertheless the situations that makes you feel this sensation are generally situations that you don't master, or that you have never tried. So don't be afraid in trying, testing, or accepting challenges, because this is what makes you grow. You should challenge your limits as well, to know what you are capable of, to get to know yourself even better and to chose what you like and what you really want to do.

You think you are not made for this job ? Who said you aren't ?
You make your own barriers so you should accept the challenge, and try again and again to achieve exactly what you want. It can come slowly, but if it's something you want, then it will come.
Sometimes, good things take time.

Greatest Achievement

Reconcile my 2 functions as one
I have a strategical point of view thanks to HR Development experience and also an operational one through my 2nd function as HR Officer.

A real complementary position which permit to raise problem, give feedback and also find appropriate solution.

It's a 50%-50% job requiring adaptability and time management.


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