Hong Seng T.
Mobile Apps IT Consultant
Job Category ITEngineering
Country China
School Other

About Hong Seng

Key Experiences

From Malaysia to China
After my study, I had worked for two companies, the first one was a petrol station IT System supplier, while the second one was a SAP system. After two years of working, I found that something was lacking. I needed a change. So I decided to move away from my own country, Malaysia.

Once I reached China (Shanghai), I was somehow discovered by Amaris. Their passion warmed me, and I decided to become an Amaris team member. Now, working at Shanghai, life is much more challenging, work has been more interesting! Everyday there are new challenges and since working as consultant, I need to provide advice and support to our clients everyday.

As a consultant, you need to deal with different issues and topics everyday. Your every action and move counts. Amaris, at the same time, provides you with complete support whenever you need it, they always have your back.

Current Position

I provide support and advise clients as an IT consultant
As an IT Consultant for a client (currently s a sports company), I take the responsibility of supporting the ERP system and also the mobility applications. I always provide support on how to handle errors and provide advice whenever users and the client are required (involved?). As a consultant, you need to always provide as much support as possible, creating your own value through your responsibilities.

What is the support I mentioned here? Usually it involves solving tickets, troubleshooting and finding out the root cause of incidents, dealing with both the users and the developers in order to find the ideal solutions. I need to discover what the bug is that has caused the application issues, then communicate with the right team to resolve it.

Besides, I also need to travel to different countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia, etc. and provide training whenever there are users required.

On the other hand, I also worked as site leader for Amaris. Site leader involved organising all the Amaris colleagues in my client at both the perspective of relationship and connectivity, where we would build and maintain relationships with each other and within Amaris. I was also required to participate in recruitment, provide and advise clients of suitable candidates to fill a position.

Main Motivations

Working with a double identity
As a consultant, it means you have to work for both Amaris and your client. Life will no longer be boring, as you will be busy coordinating with both parties, as a member of Amaris, trying to maintain the positive Amaris image and improving the collective company efforts. At the same time, resolving client issues and managing their tasks.
Especially when you are a site leader for Amaris, you also need to manage your colleagues working for the same client.

So what motivated me the most?

"The everyday challenges."

Everyday, there are different issues and things you need to manage. From the system bugs to the user - client relationship.

Top Advice

Stop thinking and just go for it
Many people stop and get stuck in thought. Step up and make a move, you never know what will come along the way with the actions you take.

Greatest Achievement

Within a year, I had become Site Leader
had worked at Amaris for just one and a half years, and I had been appreciated and acknowledged by my manager. Now, I had become Site Leader, which is a title that let me manage all the consultants at the client site.

I have to manage several tasks and functions at the same time, providing daily support to the client and manage the consultants on site by assisting them with their tasks, advise them and discuss how they are feeling.

I also organize team building activities to improve each and everyone's relationship and connectivity (engagement?) with Amaris.


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