Léa G.
Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist

About Léa

Key Experiences

Passionate about recruiting genuine talents around the world!
I studied communication and HR... and ended up in recruitment without even knowing I was interested in it! I started with some internships in Paris during my studies to recruit profiles in Africa, the US, Asia and Europe. I loved the international environment I worked in and decided to find an opportunity in London....where I stayed for 2 years and learnt the hardest way recruitment: doing headhunting. I travelled around Europe, met decision-makers and recruited the best profiles on highly competitive markets.
In 2017, I got approached by Amaris for a recruitment opportunity and even if I loved my job, I was missing 3 things that Amaris gave to me : recruiting IT profiles (fully new profiles for me), working in a human and ethical environment and relocating to one of the most attractive cities on the seaside, Barcelona !
Since then, I have been enjoying my Amaris journey so much thanks to a great career progression and exciting challenges on a daily basis. I am now responsible for the recruitment of our Innovation Department, in Europe, Asia and North Africa, including the R&D Lab in Artificial Intelligence.

Current Position

I recruit talents in Artificial Intelligence and Business Development
I am responsible for the recruitment in innovation for both technical and business profiles, in Europe, Tunisia and Vietnam. I make sure we recruit the best profiles based on Amaris' growth, but also challenge my internal clients to attract new profiles. I manage people in these locations to create great synergies.

Also, as I am working in the Innovation Department, my job as a recruiter needs to go further than the classical one. I am working closely with the marketing, the communication and the international mobility teams to create innovative recruitment approaches on social media, events, etc.

Main Motivations

What I love the most about Amaris as a recruiter : the creativity !
In Amaris, we are all young and bold. We are able to push the company's and our limits if we prove it is a great business opportunity. I love being able to present new ideas to make recruitment more attractive to candidates and different from our competitors.
I also have a great career progression that helps me take decision faster and make me grow as a person, along with the company.

Top Advice

Patience, resilience and fun !
As a graduate, sometimes you have the impression you should deserve better than the position that you have in a company. Be humble first to understand your job on an operational side. Then, find the right company that will make you grow fast if you have the technical competences. That is why you need to be resilient and even if you are facing failures and difficulties, always think about what is the reward at the end of the day: a great learning curve for your skills but also for you as a person.
But mostly, you need to remember to have fun in your job. It is a very common saying but I would allow myself to truly say it: "Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life".

Greatest Achievement

I am responsible for the recruitment of a whole department
Thanks to my hard work, I am now responsible for the recruitment of a whole department, that is extremely strategic for Amaris. I am reporting to Directors, recruiting people all around the globe, managing people from different cultures. And last but not least I am truly passionate about the profiles I am specialised in, as they are in Artificial Intelligence and young entrepreneurs. Oh and I forgot to say... I'm only 28!


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