Slim B.
Delivery Manager / Hub Manager
Job Category IT
Country Tunisia
School INSAT
City Tunis

About Slim

Key Experiences

I Started as an engineer, today I manage a Hub with +100 People
I moved from being a Wireless Engineer ( in TUNISIA ) to a Position of a Team Leader in Democratic Republic of Congo. It helped me to gain responsability, to learn the basics of leading a team and being the point of contact with the client in my Governance.

I Moved from Huawei Technologies to Amaris in Tunisia. It was a very important step in my career even if it's not been long. In fact, going from a giant in telecommunications to an emerging consultancy Group gave me a lot of opportunities, especially for career development and career path definition.

Current Position

Lead the Consultancy Team and Manage the Tunisian Hub.
As a Lead Consultant, my main objectives are to consolidate partnership with our customers, to be the point of contact for the different projects and to accompany my consultants on their career path evolution.

As a Hub Manager, my main objectives are to care about the Everyday life in the Hub by helping to improve the work environment, and manage all administrative subjects and finally promote AMARIS in the country.

Main Motivations

The trust that my managers are giving me.
Trust is one of AMARIS core values, I understood this since my first week at AMARIS, In fact my managers gave me full responsibility of the Tunisian Hub by trusting in me and giving me the chance de define my own criteria and my own management strategy to lead my consultants.
Managing a strategic Hub for the Group at 29 years old, is not common in other companies.

Top Advice

Follow your heart and don't hesitate to say "things are going wrong"
Following your heart is something that will make you say "i'm happy to go to work" each morning and will prevent you from being frustrated in your job.
Saying that, if things are going wrong it's a way to feel better, but not only this, if you know how to formulate your ideas and convince managers of it, then this can result in a change that could benefit everyone.

Greatest Achievement

Succeed on my mission as Team Leader in Democratic Republic of Congo
Many reasons make me feel proud of myself after my experience in DRC, as I was a person that had never left his country to live somewhere else, and I think that on a personal level, it was a great challenge that I totally succeeded in overcoming. Moreover, working with a new Customer and getting positive feedback about my work. Getting the entire "Customer Satisfaction" on a project that costs millions of dollars was a real satisfaction.


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